5 Tips to Beat the High-Altitude Issues in Colorado

Colorado is one of the iconic places in the world with beautiful mountains. The air here is cleaner and will bring the countryside feel in you. Just be warned, a town like Colorado Springs can reach an elevation of 6, 035 feet. On the other hand, Pike Peak has 14, 115 elevation. So if you are planning to visit this country, you have to be ready for the high-altitude trip which will make you really sick. That is why we have compiled some of the best tips for a wonderful vacation in Colorado amidst the towering mountains.

Keep your body hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water will help relieve high-altitude sickness. When you are hiking, swimming, or biking in Colorado it is very easy to lose track of your hydration. If necessary, you can set your alarm and get reminders when to drink water.

Limit your booze intake.

Taking too much booze will accelerate your high-altitude sickness.  Unlike drinking in other cities, a bottle of booze especially in the Pikes Peak region will eventually get you tipsy. Also another reason is that the alcohol in Colorado is quite strong. Some beers can have ABC that is triple those of beer sold in mini stores. Make sure to choose it carefully.

Take your time in Colorado.

The locals are not being hospitable if they ask you to take a seat and relax upon arrival. This country is not like other cities where you have to rush your activities and visit as many highlights as you can. The only best way to appreciate the beauty of this colorful country is to take your time. You don’t have to be rushing. You can spend time at the Chill Chaser zone on your first day and then visit some local restaurants the next day.

Get your stomach ready.

If you are not a foodie, you are less likely to enjoy Colorado. What you might not know is that Colorado has tons of great places to eat. You can go to some famous fine dining restaurants in the Rocky Mountains. Nevertheless, there are some foods that can actually help with your high-altitude sickness such as broccoli, bananas, potatoes, and tomatoes. You can also eat bran and granolas.

Give your pets lots of love.

You will see many tourists bringing their dogs when coming to Colorado so if you’re planning to do the same, remind yourself that they are also new to high altitude. They can feel very uncomfortable and anxious about being on top so you need to give them extra care. Do not stress them out in a hot car. Keep them cool and brush their hair all the time.

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